What patients have to say about working with Iluminar

Dear Dr. Bosch,

After close to 5 months of searching for a diagnosis, I can’t express how I felt after our first meeting.  I finally had someone who understood what I was going through and was confident in the process to help me, I just broke down and cried…finally help had arrived.  Even though, I am not 100% yet, I feel tremendously more healthy and energized then I have in a very long time. I wake up every morning wondering if today is the day to go for a run, then remind myself of your warning to be patient.  I could not have completed the 3 Day walk without having been in your office.  Garrett and I both agreed that we have never felt more happy to leave a doctor’s office nor have we ever looked forward to our next visit.  I tell everyone I meet about you and have forwarded your web address a number of times too.
Thank you for what you have done for me so far.

-Deb M.

“In- depth discussions resulting in positive outcomes in a caring environment would best describe Iluminar and why I remain an active patient.”

– Gail L.

“My husband and I can’t say enough about our experience with Dr. Romero, and her office manager.

Our initial contact with the office manager was impressive. She was pleasant, responsive to phone calls/messages, and made every attempt to accommodate our demanding schedules. She was the perfect prelude to meeting Dr. Romero. It is impossible to fully describe our experience with Dr. Romero. She conveyed knowledge, warmth and kindness. She gathered as much information to make her diagnostic assessment, and then spent time discussing different treatment options, whether behavioral, holistic/homeopathic, clinical, pharmacological or a combination of all. Our experience was nothing, but positive. Best of all, our daughter loved her!”

– Gretchen

“Our son was diagnosed with ADD ten years ago when he was seven years old. When he was in fourth grade, he was diagnosed with anxiety, and in his junior year of high school, he was
also diagnosed as high functioning Asperger’s. For the past decade, we have worked with countless child psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists. Last year, we decided that we wanted to find a new psychiatrist who could look at our son with a fresh set of eyes. Because of our his complicated history, our pediatrician told us that he wanted us to limit our search to “triple-boarded” pediatric psychiatrists and recommended we call Dr. Bosch. My first solo meeting with Dr. Bosch instantly confirmed that we had made the right move. I was thrilled to have found a doctor who clearly knew her stuff but also had a refreshing holistic approach to our son’s health and well being. I was also incredibly impressed with how well Dr. Bosch seemed to “get” our son and the challenges he faces. This was put to the test immediately. We had scheduled our first appointment with Dr. Bosch at the start of our son’s senior year. But instead of a simple “get to know you” session, Dr. Bosch first met our son in a full blown anxiety episode. That single appointment confirmed for me that we were in the right place. She helped me understand what our son was experiencing better than any doctor I’d met with over the past ten years. Dr. Bosch connected with our son immediately and earned his trust by involving him in the discussions we had about his course of treatment. I left that appointment with an incredible sense of relief knowing we were in the right hands.”

– Lynne

“Dr. Lilia Romero Bosch not only listens, she hears.”

– Bettina


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