The importance of sustaining Metabolic Transformation and Optimization of self lies in your ongoing quality of life and preservation of health.  The goal of your Iluminar program is to truly support your accomplishments of life style changes and balanced metabolism.  Your Iluminar health team will provide guidelines and follow-ups to ensure sustained success.


This program has provided you with an opportunity for mindful living and realization of your life goals.  Your sustained health, through continued nutritional supplementation, hormonal replacement and intentional lifestyle, ensures that you may live fully as well as positively influence your community through model metabolic health.


Scheduled follow-ups provide you and your Iluminar physicians an opportunity to ensure sustained success that reflect the vitality of your active lifestyle and respect needs for adjustments.


Iluminar recognizes the brilliant your accomplishments and truly believe you have enlightened your mental, emotional and physical health through metabolic education, self awareness and successful implementation.   We congratulate you for your efforts and thank you for the opportunity to assist you in meeting your Metabolic Health Needs.

The Brightest Version of You®

Iluminar. A Bright Alternative for your Metabolic Health