Getting you back to your “old self” is an important achievement, but what if we could do more?  What if the “old self” that you’re familiar with isn’t your true potential?  At Iluminar we use multi-modal approaches to bring the brightest and most optimal version of you to light.


Your Most Powerful Organ  

At Iluminar we strongly believe in mind over matter.  We begin the  optimization of the Brightest Version of You by engaging your mind  to shed light on: automatic world views, instinctual thought reactions to your environment and inherited assumptions of self and others.

Your Iluminar physicians will use in depth discussions,  focused questionnaires, and analysis of nutritional/hormonal influences on brain chemistry,  to help guide you through the process of self-awareness.  A clearer understanding of how you think, allows us to guide you through the process of nurturing your productive ideas and transforming the thoughts that block your growth


Your Vehicle for Life

Bringing beauty back is a principal philosophy at Iluminar and it’s not just skin deep.  Achieving optimal metabolism and feeling sexy and strong so that your body sustains you through a long and active life is the true goal.

Arriving at the Brightest Version of You involves the use of: nutritional and hormonal supplementation, the use of motivational interviewing techniques to promote behavioral changes, developing realistic and enjoyable prescriptions for physical activity, relearning how to eat and establishing a healthy relationship with food.


Eternally youthful you

From a metabolic perspective keeping the spirit young is vital for keeping the body and mind healthy.   Keeping your spirit balanced and in harmony is the most powerful anti-aging technique on the market.  At Iluminar we infuse all of our mind/body treatments with a respect for your beliefs, natural instincts and inspirations.  In addition, for the Brighter Version of You ®, we use intuition guided assessments to cultivate your spirit’s hedonistic capacity, deepening of feelings and ability to illuminate your own creative energy.

Now that you’ve optimized the Brightest Version of You allow Iluminar to Sustain your Metabolic Transformation

Optimization Services:

  • Bringing Beauty Back package
  • Athletic Enhancement
  • Cosmetic Psychiatry
  • Parenting-Style Assessments and Pre-conception Counseling
  • Emotional/Spiritual Revitalization
  • Libido Amplification
  • Sleep Re-balancing
  • Complexion Rejuvenation
  • Hedonism Recalibration

The Brightest Version of You®

Iluminar. A Bright Alternative for your Metabolic Health.