From the Latin illuminate, our mission at ILUMINAR is to bring our patient’s optimum state of health to light. ILUMINAR was created by two physician sisters, a naturopathic medical doctor (NMD) and a conventional medical doctor (MD), making it a truly integrated medical setting.

We believe that enlightening a patient’s personal awareness of their health and symptoms, allows our medical staff to individually tailor the use of: bio-identical hormones, natural remedies, functional medicine, and intuition driven emotional assessments. Using a combination of these techniques we guide our patients through the phases of:

  • RESTORATION (elimination of active disease symptoms, and a return to “baseline”)
  • OPTIMIZATION (moving beyond the idea of “baseline/normal self” and unlocking true potential)
  • SUSTAIN (maintaining your newly realized self).

At ILUMINAR we offer our patients the healthcare services of tomorrow, today. We are the future of health and wellness, and we invite you to come experience it for yourself.

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Cristina Bosch NMD

Dr. Lilia Romero MD