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 Ideally, we would all have fresh, healthy, homemade meals all of the time. Unfortunately, unless you have a chef living in your kitchen, this doesn’t always happen. While fast food certainly isn’t the best option, every once in a while it’s the only thing available. Here are some of the better fast food choices:

  • Burger King
    • Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich (no mayo, throw away half of the bun) with a side garden salad and light Italian dressing
    • Veggie Burger without the bun and a side garden salad and light Italian dressing
    • Tendergrill Garden Salad
  • McDonalds
    • Premium Grilled Chicken Club (no mayo, no bacon, no cheese, throw away half the bun) with a side of apple slices or side salad with low fat balsamic vinaigrette or low fat Italian
    • Premium Caesar Salad with grilled chicken, Premium Bacon Ranch salad with grilled chicken, or Premium Southwest Salad with grilled chicken
      • Use either of the low fat dressings for these as well!
  • Boston Market
    • Chicken or Turkey breast with Mediterranean Green Beans, Fresh Steamed Vegetables, or Green Beans
    • Half size of the Mediterranean Salad or Southwest Santa Fe Salad
  • Subway (or other sandwich restaurant)
    • Order a 6 inch sub with wheat bread, choose a lean meat (like turkey, chicken, or tuna), fill with veggies, skip the cheese, and only ask for yellow or Dijon mustard, oil, and/or vinegar (the rest of the sauces are high in calories, sugar, and other things you really don’t want)
    • If you want to take it a step further, order this as a salad with oil and vinegar dressing!

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