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Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France seven consecutive times.There are many reasons for his victories, but a major influence is a 100% functioning nervous system.How is it that a man dominated the race this perfect?It is my opinion that one of his greatest assets is a healthy nervous system.Gray’s Anatomy states that the nervous system is the master controller of the body, which controls every gland, organ and tissue in the body.Any interference in the nervous system will decrease the function of the body therefore causing abnormal function.On tour Dr. Jeff Spencer, D.C. was Lance’s and his teams personal Chiropractor.

Dr. Seth Sharpless, at the University of Colorado, showed that it only takes the weight of a dime on a nerve to decrease its function by 60%.In the nervous system, 90% controls functions (movement and function of organs, glands, vessels, etc.) and only 10% controls sensation/pain.For the majority of people, pain has been the only reason that they see a doctor.It has been my own experience that health and performance are based on the optimum level of all nerves functioning together.

Lance Armstrong has realized the importance of chiropractic care in his career.It has been an essential part in his training, injury recovery and peak performance.Research has shown that athletes under chiropractic care perform 5% better than non-adjusted athletes.

Chiropractic care helps not only athletes perform better, but also everyday people by removing interference in the nervous system, from misaligned vertebra called “subluxations.”When the nervous system is free from pressure, the body operates at its optimum level.

My office uses the latest technology (Thermography, Surface EMG, Posture Analysis, Muscle Testing and X-Ray), specific techniques to increase performance through proper spinal mechanics and reduce injury “downtime” through chiropractic care.

Many of the world-class athletes and professional teams, like Lance Armstrong, use chiropractic care.

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