The Iluminar Integrated Approach

Iluminar is an integrative medical practice that focuses on thorough evaluation of metabolic conditions and effective treatment. At Iluminar, we specialize in the treatment of ailments that in many instances result from decreased metabolic activity. These conditions commonly present as a collage of signs, symptoms or complaints such as difficulty managing weight, diminished energy, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, decreased concentration and attention span, generalized pain or simply “not feeling well.”

At Iluminar, we truly combine western and eastern approaches to ensure accurate diagnosis and alternative treatments.

     What Our Clients Say

“In- depth discussions resulting in positive outcomes in a caring environment would best describe Iluminar and why I remain an active patient.”

- Gail L.

Fat Loss Assistance:

4 Nutritional Injections for $60
Lipoplex Injections:
When trying to lose weight, consider adding nutritional injections to your diet and exercise plan.   A Lipoplex injection is a lipotropic (refers to a substance that increases removal of fat through the liver and decreases fat deposit throughout the body) nutrient combination that is comprised of energy enhancing B12 B complex vitamins and the majical MIC trio of amino acids.

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